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Skulls are a subject I come back to again and again, because they fascinate me. That fascination comes from my childhood, when I was told a true story about a man my father knew and worked for, who kept a skull by his bed to remind himself of what he was when he woke each morning, and to keep him humble. This is what this drawing is very much inspired by, and the Candlestick comes from the Victorian home I spent my first years growing up in, my father found a broken Silver Candlestick in a wall he was knocking down in the house. To me, skulls do not just represent death and mortality, but they also hold mystery as to who the person may have been and what their story was, something that you can allow your imagination to ponder. But skulls also remind us that although we are all different, we are all very much the same, we are made the same and therefore all equal.

Picture size – 7 x 9″ Approx

Mount size – Suitable for a 10 x 12″ frame, ready to pop straight in your frame.

The original drawing comes ready mounted in a bright white mount, ready to put straight in a frame

Prints are the same size as the original drawing and are available non mounted as standard, but can be mounted (bright white colour mount) or framed at an extra cost. These are high quality Giclee prints, printed on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper. Prints are hand signed, numbered and titled on the reverse.

Prints are limited to 30 only.

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‘The Skull and the Candlestick’
Like most of my work it is inspired by true stories and experiences I have had, that stem right back to my childhood. I have such fond and nostalgic memories of being little and living in my own little magical bubble in an old Victorian semi. It had creaky floorboards, original fireplaces and even the original gas lamps.
When I was a child I always remember my parents telling me a story about a man who lived in our town. He was an antique dealer and he kept a skull by his bed, apparently the skull of a French revolutionary, to remind himself what he was each morning when he woke, and to keep him humble when so many held him in high regard. That story (which is true) blew mind little mind. It has since inspired much of my work, including this one. And where does the candlestick come in? Well at the time I had no particular reason why I wanted to put a candlestick in, I just thought it would look cool. But then a memory came back to me a couple of years after I completed the drawing. That Victorian semi that I grew up in, well my Dad was doing a lot of work on it when we were living in it. He knocked a wall through and inside the wall he found a broken silver candlestick. My parents still have it. It occurred to me that’s why it must have made an appearance in this drawing. It is a drawing that harks back to impressions made on me in my childhood.

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