Winged Magic Key #2 (Original Drawing)


Winged Magic Keys are a series of drawings I created to celebrate my own nostalgia and treasured memories of the first key I remember seeing and holding as a child, and falling in love with- a plastic toy Key that came with a pair of shoes I had as a little girl, my Clarks Magic Steps! I was so taken with the mystery of the key, and of what it did, turning a lock in the sole of the shoe which turned magical picture around in the heel. I felt from then that Keys were magical, and I carried it with me most of the time, I loved the magic of it all and the fairy tale Princess vibe portrayed on the Magic Steps advert.

This collection represents the exciting magical and mysterious feelings I felt that made me fall in love with keys, and the desire to escape to a place of nostalgia, a magical world of imagination, that’s comforting, soul warming and full of exciting possibility

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This Key drawing is available as the original piece itself or as a print (limited to 30 only, see link below). The size of the drawing¬† is 4″ x 6″ approx

The original drawing comes mounted in a bright white mount as standard and is ready to put straight in a frame of your choice. The drawing is backed with acid free paper, and is hand signed and titled on the reverse. Mounted size is to fit an 6″ x 8″ frame.

The drawing can be framed for an extra cost, and will come in a black wooden 6″ x 8″ frame as standard, however if you wish to discuss other framing options please email

If you are interested in a print of this piece then please click here