Accepting Mortality – Drawing


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The third and final drawing in a series of 3, in which I am exploring my thoughts and feelings about mortality. In the end we have to accept our own mortality, as it is in fact the only certainty of our lives. And with doing so, realise how important it is to not waste the time we have. We are so much more than living to work for another, so if we can find a passion that drives us and helps us make a difference in whatever small way to anyone, whilst at the same time enabling us to live a happy life and even better if possible, make our living from it, I think it can make for a better world. Life is too short to be unhappy and in a lot of ways it can be down to us to change the things that make us unhappy. We do not know how much time we have, and we do take everything so much for granted, not realising how important some things are until they are until they are no longer there. As scary and daunting as it is, I am trying hard to accept my own mortality so that I can be what I want to be, and live the best life I can for myself, to be a good and kind person to others, and to not be afraid, and to let go of what has hurt me in the past and not let it consume me, so that I can be happy and appreciate what I have in the here and now, and in what ever happens after passing over. It is strong, brave, and wise to confront that which scares us rather that try to pretend it is not there.
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