Embracing Mortality – Drawing


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This is the second drawing of what will now be a series of 3 drawings, inspired by mental health and a story I was told when I was young, about a man who kept a human skull by his bed to remind him what he was when he woke each morning. ‘Embracing mortality’ follows on from ‘Contemplating mortality’ in which I am going from thinking about mortality (my own, that of people close to me, and those who have already passed over) to embracing the fact that it is an inevitability that I and all of us have to accept. With that comes all kinds of emotions in the thought process, but it is the one certain thing about our lives is that we will one day die. It is uncomfortable to think about and to talk about even though it is a certainty. Fear is probably the biggest emotion we face when thinking about mortality, because it is unknown to us and we all have our own ways of coping with it with our own beliefs. In my thought process of trying to come to terms with mortality, I personally feel that perhaps it is doorway to whatever happens next. I personally don’t believe that it’s the absolute end, but more a portal for our soul/energy to progress to the next stage of its journey. I have heard stories of people who have come back from the brink who have gone on to say that there is nothing to fear in death. I have had my own moments where life has gotten on top of me to the point where I have felt it would be easier if I was no longer here and human, as then I would not feel the pain that my own head torments me with. But life is a very precious thing that we all take very much for granted. We are so lucky to have this beautiful planet to live on and the ability to live our lives doing what makes us happy if we so choose. We don’t know how long we have got here so it is important to do the best you can with the time that is given to you and make the most of it with love, kindness, consideration and understanding. While we have to embrace the fact that we will one day pass over into death, it is also important to make the most of every day of our precious lives and make them count. Only we ourselves can do that.
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