‘Smoke and Ashes Skull’ Painting


The ‘Smoke and Ashes Skull’

This painting is the result of a desire I had suddenly one day, to paint a skull on top of one of the paintings from my Watercolour abstract series. My skull art is inspired by Mr Cox, a man my Dad worked for in the 1980’s who kept a skull by his bed in order to remind him of his mortality and to stay grounded and humble. This profound and unusual thing to do, made a real impression on me as a child, and has given me the desire to echo this enlightening reality about our mortality and living the life we want for ourselves the best way we can, through my own art.

When I started painting watercolour abstract paintings on my birthday in 2020, it was born out of a massive urge to start experimenting with paint again and also with colour. While I immensely enjoyed creating these paintings and loved how they turned out, they are not really a true representation of who I am, what I want to say and what my art is really about. So, what better way to re purpose them, than to paint over them with something that I am inspired by and passionate about, so that the original painting can continue to exist and also host the symbol of our mortality to remind us that our time on this earth is limited and that we have this one chance to live the life we desire the way we want to live it.

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The painting is a mixed media piece, the skull is painted in silver metallic acrylic on top of a black watercolour background, and finished with a satin lacquer. The approx Size is  11″ x 15″ and it is mounted and framed in a 16″ x 20″ Wooden Frame (Approx. External Frame Size 18.5″ x 22.5″). Frame colours available are Black or White as standard, however if you require a different colour frame then I can source this on request, just leave a note in the notes section when you checkout.