Mental Health Series – ‘Visible But Invisible’

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‘Visible, but invisible’, is a drawing about one of my insecurities, drawn as a kind of therapy to clean out the basement and bring it to the surface so to speak. And maybe in the hope that if I be brave and share it with the world, it might help and inspire others in even just a small way. This particular drawing is anxiety (which is something that bites me often) The insecurity of being watched and judged for gossip and entertainment by people around me and/or society whilst at the same time being unnoticed, excluded, ignored or uncared about. Like they definitely know you are there, but they want nothing to do with you except see and make fun of your ‘flaws’ to make them feel better about themselves because they are also insecure. Visible, but invisible. Being chained to yourself and your anxieties infinitely. Maybe it just looks like a drawing of a self portrait with some eyes and chains that doesn’t really make sense, but for those who want to look into the drawing and themselves a bit deeper, perhaps they might also understand and relate.

I have not until recently shown or opened up about my own struggles. None of us want to appear weak and unsuccessful to society, or perhaps some of us feel ashamed that we could feel so vulnerable or not live up to a facade. But why? Isn’t that after all what makes us human? Feeling things and being vulnerable. Humans are by their very nature imperfect, and if we did not have our imperfections we would not be our unique selves. Not being like everyone else and standing out from the crowd is actually so rock n’ roll, and yet we probably all fear it in some way whether we realise it or not, some a lot more than others. People will always make fun of those who stand out from the crowd and are not afraid to say what they think, but that in my opinion is probably because those people are envious of that, because they are actually afraid of showing the world who they truly are in case they themselves get made fun of. We often forget that we should just be true to ourselves as we constantly have it rammed down our throats to be perfect, look perfect and have the perfect life, even if that is not truly us. What is that anyway? Those that are not ashamed to be honest about or show their emotions and feelings and just be themselves are in my opinion the strongest bravest and truest souls out there. It is those people that have inspired me to try and be brave and show that I have those feelings too and that it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is in fact normal, Human. And it’s way overdue that we acknowledge this fact and accept it. Happiness is living in the now and having gratitude for what we have and when you live your life honestly like that, you do not feel the need to pick at and put down others, because there is no competition. Perhaps then everyone will be visible and accepted.

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