Visible But Invisible – Drawing


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During mental health awareness week, I completed this piece. I have not until recently shown or opened up about my own struggles. We none of us want to appear weak and unsuccessful, or perhaps some of us feel ashamed that we could feel so vulnerable or not live up to a facade. But why? Isn’t that after all what makes us human? Humans are by their very nature imperfect, and if we did not have our imperfections we would not be our unique selves. Those that are not ashamed to be honest about or show their emotions and feelings are in my opinion the strongest bravest and truest souls out there. It is those people that have inspired me to try and be brave and show that I have those feelings too and that it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is in fact normal, Human. And it’s way overdue that we acknowledge this fact and accept it. I have decided to illustrate some of mine, maybe as a kind of therapy to ‘clean out the basement’ so to speak. Maybe in the hope that it might help and inspire others in even just a small way. This particular drawing is anxiety (which is something that bites me often) The insecurity of being watched and judged for gossip and entertainment by associates and/or society whilst at the same time being unnoticed, excluded, or uncared about. Visible, but invisible. Being chained to yourself and your anxieties infinitely. Maybe it just looks like a drawing of a self portrait with some eyes and chains that doesn’t really make sense, but for those who who want to look a bit deeper, perhaps they themselves will understand and relate
This drawing is unframed, and measures a2 Size (PRINTS ARE A3 IN SIZE)
prints for this drawing are done on a ‘made to order’ basis and will be limited to 30 No. Of Only

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